Terms Conditions & Ground Rules
Upon sending through online enrollment form you 
agree to abide by the Terms and Conditions and Ground Rules of The Dog Training Academy.


We aim to maintain a track record of excellence and enjoyment for all who enroll in our classes.
To maintain this we request and adhere to our ground rules.


• Please park in the designated parking area
• Please reduce your speed when in the training grounds and be aware of the possibility of children and off lead dogs.


 ALL puppies and dogs are to be on lead at ALL times.
• Please ensure that your lead is of a good quality and not likely to break.
• Excessively long leads are discouraged.
• Chain leads are not suitable.


• ALL puppies and dogs are to be wearing a collar at ALL times.
• Please ensure that your collar is of a good quality.
• Prong collars and electric shock collars are NOT allowed. Chain collars for puppies are not considered to be suitable.

Training & Agility Equipment

•No puppies or dogs allowed on any of the agility equipment or training obstacles unless under the direct supervision of an instructor or assistant.
• Please ensure that children attending the classes are made aware that none of the training or agility equipment is to be played upon/with.


• Please ensure that any mess your dog makes is cleaned up as soon as possible – we request that you bring your own plastic bags to training for this purpose. Should you forget, we do have bags and poop scoops available. YOU POOP YOU SCOOP!
• Please ensure that your puppy or dog is suitably protected against ticks and fleas at all times.
• Should your puppy or dog be ill, please inform the instructor before coming to class.
• Please use the rubbish bins provided.

Interaction with other dogs and people

• No on-lead socialising. Please respect the personal space of other dogs and puppies. Not all dogs are as confident or as friendly as yours may be. This rule is in place to ensure the safety and enjoyment for all.
•Please do NOT feed another person’s puppy or dog without asking  permission first.
• Overly aggressive dogs will not be accepted and be referred to an animal behaviourist.
Terms & Conditions
Upon registering and paying up front for the course we reserve a space in the class for you for the duration of the course. Therefore NO refund will be given for any classes missed.
Once the course has commenced you are responsible for full payment, since we have turned other applicants away to keep our class sizes appropriate for effective learning and teaching. 
This space then cannot be made available to other applicants once the course has commenced.
Refunds will not be considered because of this.
Payment options will be entered into by prior arrangement only.
Classes are NOT cancelled due to rain.
Your dog is your responsibility at all times.
Dogs and puppies not enrolled in the school will not be allowed on the premises without prior arrangement.
Children are welcome, but remain your responsibility.
No dog will be allowed off lead with out the permission or supervision of an instructor.
A copy of up to date vaccination certificate of the enrolled dog must be presented or emailed before the commencement of class. 
These conditions are in place to ensure effective management of classes, safety, and above all the enjoyment of spending quality time with your dog.