Advanced Obedience Levels will include exercises that involve other obedience disciplines such as:

  • Working Trials
  • Protection Work- Schutzhund- Mondioring
  • Tracking
  • Rally-Free 
  • Competition Obedience of the highest standard


All diciplines are taught with positive reinforcement  - NO FEAR -NO FORCE - NO PAIN

Bite work/Protection Work is entered into at your own risk

Owners of dogs that would like to participate in protection work  need to be aware that only well socialised dogs with a stable, non- aggressive temperament will be considered.


Beginner Obedience

Month to Month

Saturdays 10-11am

Wednesdays 6pm - 7pm


Saturday only R300.00

Wednesday only R300.00

If attending Saturday and Wednesday classes R500.00 = total 6 lessons a month

Estimated 4 months to Grading Test

but if you feel you are ready to be tested earlier that can be accommodated – all dependent on how much practice you do 

Handlers will not be penalized for extra commands/signals or for encouraging their dogs except when dogs are left in the “Stay”.
 Handlers will be penalized for touching their dogs and for moving their feet once they have assumed a position required in an exercise

Course Grade of 80% needs to be achieved before being eligble for No

  • Heelwork – on lead
  • Recall -
  • Sit Stay- 2 minutes handler in sight facing dog 
  • Down Stay – 3 minutes handler in sight facing dog
  • Recall
  • Retrieve – Handlers’ article
  • GRAB and HOLD object on command.
  • Introduction to distance control
  • Introduction to scent work – Working Trails/Obedience/tracking
  • Introduction to informal retrieve any article-foundation for Novice
  • Bark or growl on command – foundation Schutzhund/Man work /Protection
  • Intro to Send Away (targeting) – foundation work for Novice/ Working Trials