Month to month - 3 lessons per month

Saturdays:  11am-12pm (winter times)

Wednesday evenings: 5pm -6 pm


Only Saturdays R300.00

Only Wednesday evenings R300.00

* If you attend both Saturday and Wednesday evenings total 6 lessons per month = R500.00

Is your dog the star of the dog park?

Does he move like a speeding bullet?

Jump like a jackrabbit?

Does he make the cute poodles drool and the show-offs look like fools?

Whether you can attribute this energy level to his breed type or to his personality, if he's got it, he's got to use it. You can choose to commit to giving him plenty of outdoor play time, can make the most of that inherent involving him in Agility 

It's more than a growing trend. It's an outlet for your dog's natural, instinctual habits. It's a timed event, consisting of a roadmap of several obstacles, which your dog is asked to negotiate in a particular order, without fault, and under a  time limit. 

Because they're good at it!


Learning the basics

Negotiating the Obstacles with Confidence and Safety

Adding Speed and Technical stuff

Handling moves

  • front cross
  • rear cross
  • blind cross

Jump drills 

Obstacle discrimination


Full course runs